Welcome to Eugene, Oregon, a city so friendly it has a first name! Many nationally-known magazines have touted Eugene for its livability; pleasant climate, cultural diversity, quality of professional services, and economy. So whether you call it "home" or you've just stopped by to visit, you'll always find something unique in Eugene.

Nestled in the Willamette Valley between the breathtaking scenery of the Cascade Mountains and the Oregon Coast Range, Eugene is often referred to as “The Emerald City.” Douglas Fir forests border Eugene on three sides and account for its past reputation as a lumber town.

The Willamette River flows on a diagonal course through the center of the city. One of the most loved and used facilities is the park and greenway system that borders the entire river. Four graceful bike-pedestrian-only bridges connect both sides of the river and provide a loop system for walkers, joggers and bikers.

Stop in, stay awhile, and don't forget, we're on a first-name basis in Eugene!