The Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1902 with one simple objective: to support local businesses. Over one hundred years later, that simple mission still drives everything we do.

The Eugene Chamber’s mission statement sums up quite nicely what the organization is all about:

To promote a healthy local economy by influencing:

  • Business Success
  • Public Policy
  • Community Development

Your Chamber is the collective voice of local business. We make our community an even better place by helping businesses succeed.

Looking to the Future

The Chamber is in the fourth year of its Vision 2020 plan. Our board of directors and executive committee have played an essential role in this important process and in developing a thorough and detailed plan for our future. As part of the process, the board and executive committee honed in on a series of principles that will guide the Chamber’s efforts and set the tone for our work as we implement the strategic plan:

  • Alignment. Alignment of multiple stakeholders around common economic issues and interests creates greater momentum and return on investment. The Chamber identifies such alignments and works to leverage them into mutually beneficial results.
  • Collaboration. The Chamber serves as in a convener around areas of economic importance. We serve as a facilitator and leader, helping build clear pathways to action, realize opportunities, solve problems and address emerging economic issues in a collaborative way.
  • Communication.  The Chamber will champion the contributions of a vital economy to our quality of life and actively educate the business community on issues and opportunities important to their success.
  • Community.  Economic health and community health are inextricably linked. The Chamber will work to understand competing perspectives around economic development issues in its efforts to produce results.
  • Regionalism.  The Chamber believes our entire area benefits when any one part of the region succeeds economically. The Chamber supports and leads efforts to increase the economic health of the greater Eugene area.
  • Results.  Finally, Chamber involvement results in tangible accomplishments with clear links to economic and other community benefits.

Armed with a clear vision for the next 20 years and a detailed roadmap for how to get there, the Chamber is poised for an exciting and successful future in business in Eugene/Springfield.